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12 Best QR Code Generators for Marketing in 2023

The pandemic pushed QR codes back into the spotlight, something we thought would be a rare sight before. QR codes have now enabled a lot more things than we possibly imagined. With numerous use cases and applications, the use of QR codes has amplified. From making payments through quick QR scans to Super Bowl ads, the potential of QR codes is unlimited. And with a lot of options to create these QR codes (both free and paid), it is only natural to be confused. 

To make things easier for you, we have tried out 12 of the best QR code generators and weighed out their best features, pricing and many more, so one quick scroll, and you’ll know which one to choose for your varying marketing efforts. So let’s get digging!

How to choose the best QR code generator in 2023?

When looking for the “best QR code generator,” what did you most recently discover on Google or ChatGPT? Too much information and too many options are what we would say. We understand choosing the best QR Code generator that meets your requirements is a wild goose chase. 

 So, here is a 6-point checklist to help you choose the best QR code generator for your marketing needs.

1. Ensure that the QR code generator is user friendly

The first step is to find a QR code generator that provides an easy-to-use interface and enables you to create QR codes quickly. If creating a QR code is tedious, then the chances of relying on this technology for their business and marketing needs will be less.

2. Look for a safe and secure solution

Today, safety and security are the top priorities for customers, and they often question the security associated with QR codes. To keep your customers happy and your data protected from cyberattacks, look for QR code generators that comply with the best security standards. We are talking about SSL certification, password protection and much more. For instance, Beaconstac provides SOC-2 and GDPR-compliant QR codes for maximum safety, aids in identifying phishing URLs, and preserves data integrity.

3. Enables QR code tracking

“QR code tracking” is merely a snapshot of the data taken at the touchpoint where the QR code was applied. It is important that marketers understand how well the QR codes are performing, whether it needs any update, and what challenges people are facing while scanning them to get the best out of them.

Remember, this debunks the widely held misconception that using QR codes jeopardizes your privacy and digital security. A live tracker is not activated on your phone by scanning a QR code.

4. Allows bulk QR code creation

Instead of creating each QR code individually, you can create hundreds of them simultaneously with a bulk QR code generator. Organizations can adopt this to save time, reduce redundancy, and improve productivity. So the next time you want to create digital business cards for your sales folks or for your customers, this option can come into use. 

5. Enables personalization to enhance customer experience

Any marketing campaign can benefit from using personalized QR Codes to increase brand awareness, spark interest, and provide value. Marketers and advertisers are predominantly leveraging custom QR code generators worldwide for various use cases, from simple ads to complex lead generation.

6. Enables QR code distribution across all your marketing channels

The best QR code generators out there can help distribute your codes by posting them on bus stops, message boards, or other locations where your audience spends time offline. These QR code solutions might even provide information about the QR codes in the user’s preferred language and offer distinct codes for various social media platforms. So you can create a custom QR code, share it via your preferred channels, both online and offline, and capture people’s interest effortlessly.

For example, when Heinz started using eco-friendly packaging, it informed its customers by posting a QR code that, when scanned, took them to a trivia game about the environment.

12 best QR code generators in 2023 that you should know of 

To get you started, here are the top 12 QR code generators for businesses, marketers, and professionals that rank on top for ease of security, creation, sharing, and distribution processes.

1. Beaconstac

Beaconstac is a SOC Type 2 and GDPR QR code solution that is trusted by prominent companies such as Amazon, Pepsico, Nestle, and Marriott, among several others. It’s a versatile QR code generator that enables you to develop digital experiences that are wholly owned by your company. It allows you to adjust any element of your QR code to match your existing branding, from the background to the call-to-action frame, all for a personalized experience for your scanners.


Key features of Beaconstac 

  • User-friendly interface that allows you to generate customized QR codes in just a few steps.
  • Easy to manage and personalize global QR code campaigns.
  • Google Analytics integration to measure participation in the real world.
  • Build digital cohorts by capturing physical world intent.
  • Allows you to focus on out-of-home (OOH) investments through performance-driven campaigns.
  • Provides 24/7 customer support.
  • 4000+ integration with CRMs, HR tools and other sales stacks to maximize the application of the generated QR codes.


At Beaconstac, you get a full 14-day trial period to try everything out. Their price for the starter plan is $5/month after the 14-day trial period. Their lite, pro, plus, and enterprise subscription tiers are available to both people and businesses.

2. QR Code Generator Pro

Want to impress your audience right off the bat? Use QR Code Generator Pro for error-free QR codes. With Bitly’s QR Code Generator Pro, you can create QR codes with built-in landing pages that look great on any device, even if you don’t have a website.

Key features of QR Code Generator Pro 

  • Easily generate QR Codes with pre-built landing pages.
  • Provides actionable insights at your fingertips. 
  • QR Code Generator Pro lets you monitor where and how many people are scanning your codes.
  • Export the actionable information into CSV reports that are easily shareable.
  • Collect ideas for using QR Codes on various marketing channels and learn how to make the most of them through business cards, flyers, brochures, product packaging etc.
  • Share any content or media such as pdfs, apps and links to social media channels through QR Codes. 


Take the 14-day free trial of QR Code Generator Pro to learn its quirks before checking out the paid version, which costs $5.35 per month for 2 dynamic codes.

3. QRCode Monkey

One of the most popular and widely used free online QR code generators is QRCode Monkey, which has produced millions of QR codes. Its high-resolution QR codes and design options make it an ideal choice for print and commercial marketers, who don’t need to red-edit or update already implemented QR codes. 

Key features of QRCode Monkey

  • QR code API that allows you to incorporate personalized and distinctive-looking QR codes into your system. 
  • Create, manage, and edit all your QR codes in one location with the help of its QR code management solution. 
  • Allows indefinite QR code lifetime and scans. 
  • Produce high-quality QR codes for printing with downloadable vector formats such as svg,.eps, and .pdf.
  • QRCode Monkey enables custom-designed and colored QR codes.
  • Design vector layouts for QR codes.
  • Allows bulk creation and tracking of QR codes.


QRCode Monkey is completely free. You can simply create an account and login in to use the service.

4. QRStuff

QRStuff offers a wide variety of QR code types to choose from – over 25, in fact. This includes QR codes for website URLs, videos, Facebook posts, map locations, SMS or email messages, contact information, and more. With such a vast selection, you can easily create the QR code that perfectly suits your needs in a matter of minutes. QR Stuff streamlines the process, allowing you to generate your chosen QR code quickly and with ease.

Key Features of QRStuff

  • Create visual QR code images in PNG, JPG, or TIF with QRStuff’s user-specified dimensions up to 3000 pixels wide.
  • The basic feature of updating information embedded in a dynamic QR code is available.
  • Subscriber-generated QR codes are not time-limited and remain fully operational even after your membership expires.
  • Provides access to a dashboard where you and your team can continuously group and manage your QR codes.
  • With its visual editor, you can modify the size, shape, and color of your QR Code.


With QR stuff, you can create 10 dynamic codes for free. The subscription price henceforth starts at $12.95/month.

5. Scanova

If you’re in need of a fast and efficient QR code generator that also offers highly customizable designs, Scanova is the solution for you. With an array of features, you can create, design, manage, and track QR codes with ease. It offers a range of design options, allowing you to customize your QR code to match your branding and aesthetic preferences. 

Key Features of Scanova

  • Increase flexibility and produce high-quality QR codes for printing.
  • Enables you to update the content (such as links) at any moment without changing the QR code.
  • Using Scanova’s simple DIY tool, you can design the QR Code by modifying the colors and patterns and integrating your brand logo.
  • Scanova’s scan tracking & analytics feature enables you to monitor the effectiveness of your QR code campaigns.
  • Create any QR code for any platform, including text, website URL, social media, a Vcard profile, a PDF, an image, a Google Map etc. 
  • Create and link unique mobile landing pages without the help of a web developer.


Sign up for a 14-day free trial of Scanova to experience some of its helpful features. The monthly subscription fee starts at $15.

6. Shopify

For businesses looking to streamline their QR code creation process, Shopify offers an intuitive and user-friendly solution. Along with creating QR codes for various URL types, the platform also allows you to customize code color and size. Overall, Shopify provides an excellent option for businesses seeking to create simple yet effective QR codes.

Key Features of Shopify

  • Its user-friendly interface enables easy QR code generation. 
  • Create a QR code from any web address, phone number, SMS, or plain text using Shopify.
  • Shopify offers an unlimited number of QR code scans. 
  • It allows you to generate QR codes for free. There are no additional fees or restrictions, even for bulk QR code generation.
  • Receive real-time notifications when someone scans your QR code.
  • Requires you to only provide your email address and no other confidential information.


It is completely free to use, and hence the limited features. 

7. Visualead

Visualead is a powerful QR code generator that offers a range of advanced features to help businesses create dynamic and effective codes. This comprehensive platform allows you to design custom codes that incorporate images, logos, and other branding elements. The website of the solution doesn’t seem modern and it is normal to doubt the product as well in this case, but Visualead’s QR code solution comes with decent features and benefits. 

Key Features of Visualead

  • Analytics tools to track and analyze QR code performance
  • Lead generation forms for capturing customer information
  • Social media integration for easy sharing and promotion
  • Landing page creation to provide a seamless customer experience
  • Customizable design options to match your branding and aesthetic preferences.


Three QR codes can be generated for free using Visualead, and the entry-level plan costs $7.52 per month.

8. QRTiger

QRTiger is a user-friendly QR code generator that offers a range of features to help businesses create high-quality codes quickly and easily. With its intuitive interface and customizable design options, QR Code Tiger is a great option for businesses seeking to streamline their QR code creation process. However, the website doesn’t seem very intuitive but the solution is satisfactory. 

Key Features of QR Tiger

  • Multiple code types to choose from, including URL, text, email, phone, and more
  • Customizable design options, including color, logo, and background image
  • QR code analytics tools to track and analyze code performance
  • Downloadable QR code formats in PNG, SVG, EPS, and PDF
  • Create up to 1,000 new branded links per second with QR Tiger.
  • Comprises cutting-edge safety tools such as 2FA (internal audits).
  • Provides safety and security as it is compliant with EU privacy regulations.
  • Allows easy integration with CRM software and other tools such as Google Analytics.


With QRTiger, you can create three QR codes at no cost, and the basic subscription is $7 per month.

9. Flowcode

Flowcode has a QR code generator built for every industry, primarily DTC companies like real estate, marketers, weddings, and Web 3, among others. Leading brands, including BMW, ESPN, and the NBA, have collaborated with Flowcode. If you are looking for specialized and hands-on support, then Flowcode Pro could be an ideal choice. 

Key Features of Flowcode

  • With Flowcode, you can personalize each aspect of your QR code. 
  • If you want to customize your QR code further, you can work with an internal artist at Flowcode to create stunning QR codes.
  • Helps you create attractive QR codes.
  • Delivers real-time data and enables extensive QR code analyses.
  • CCPA and GDPR compliant.
  • Provides lifetime validity.


Flowcode offers three QR codes for no cost, and the basic plan is $9 per month.

10. ZebraQR

Zebra QR is a versatile and user-friendly QR code generator that offers a range of features to help businesses create dynamic and effective codes. With its easy-to-use interface and customizable design options, Zebra QR is great for businesses seeking to create high-quality codes quickly and easily. 

Features of ZebraQR

  • With ZebraQR, you can design a digital menu for your bar or restaurant.
  • Provides eight distinct patterns.
  • Offers countless color combinations.
  • Provides real-time sound alerts, limitless possibilities, and extra versions.
  • Customers can self-register and manage their own visits.


Free for small proprietors and those with simple needs, whereas the starter plan costs $9 monthly.

11. QRExplore

QRExplore is a straightforward QR code generator that allows businesses and individuals to create high-quality codes quickly and easily. It has a simple interface and basic customization options; it is a great option for those seeking to create QR codes as a beginner for basic requirements such as promotions, event tickets, and more. 

Key Features of QRExplore

  • Permanent, free for any purpose (including commercial), with no expiry.
  • Provides you with a portal to create the files according to your needs or delivers batches of PDF documents with embedded QR codes.
  • Easy to generate as their interface is simple to navigate
  • Allows bulk creation. You can create 100 codes at once for free.
  • Works on a credit system.
  • Offers bespoke QR code consultancy services.
  • Allows you to laser engrave your codes if you want them to be displayed outside or if you just want a fashionable QR Code placard for a conference or an event. 


Credits for QR codes are bought in groups, and they do not expire. Once purchased, the credits are applied immediately. Each time you generate a batch of codes, credits are used, with the first 100 codes always being free.


uQR is a user-friendly QR code generator that offers customizable design options and analytics tools to track performance. It also includes lead generation forms, social media integration, and landing page creation for effective QR code marketing.

Key Features of uQR

  • Codes can be exported as SVG, EPS, PNG, and PDF files.
  • Offers intelligent QR code rerouting.
  • Link website visitors to content compatible with their operating system. For instance, with the same QR code, iOS users may access the Apple App Store and Android users can access Google Play.
  • Create codes in bulk.
  • Customize QR code URLs.
  • Quickly and effectively create, manage, design, and update landing pages and QR codes with an intuitive dashboard.
  • Easy to download reports, add team members, and manage their access.
  • Connect your QR codes to any online content: unique mobile pages, file downloads, vCards, Google Maps, PayPal, Whatsapp, App stores, and social platforms. 


At, you get a full 14-day trial period to try out everything. The basic edition starts at $4.95 per month for 2 dynamic QR codes.

Long Story Short – Leverage the Power of QR Code Generators

The resurgence of QR codes is a sign of how the digital world is becoming more integrated with our daily lives. With over 99.5 million smartphone users expected to scan QR codes by 2025, these codes are fast becoming a go-to tool for businesses looking to reach customers. QR codes offer many benefits over traditional barcodes, such as holding more data and providing a quick and efficient way for customers to engage with companies. Don’t get left behind. Join the QR code revolution and unlock new possibilities for your business!


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