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How to Find & Identify Quality Guest Post Websites in USA?

Finding a good and quality guest posting website is always a tedious task for the marketer. Are you also facing a problem while finding & identifying guest post websites in USA?

I have tried to cover all the possible ways that will help you find a good website along with the points to check while submitting a guest post. Usually, marketers and SEO experts submit guest posts to improve the site authority and related metrics while ignoring the original fact of making awareness of their respective products or services. 

In my journey as an SEO Analyst, I have always focused on brand awareness rather than the metrics of so-called “SEO Tools”. I have worked with many well-known brands and submitted guest posts on top-notch websites where I have submitted blogs making awareness of my client’s brands.

So, let’s dive into my journey of finding a perfect guest posting site in USA and which type of content you should write for the particular website. 

Manual Search for Guest Post Website in USA:

  • You can try a manual search on Google and find websites that accept guest posts. Whenever you find a good website (We will cover the metrics for analysing the website in a later part of this blog), try searching for the Author’s or Editor’s mail id in the header or footer section.
  • Contact them with the personalised cold email that I am writing an article on a few topics. Explain a brief about the topic or send a non-editable copy of your article to the author. You can explain about the purpose of the blog and showcase some stats of your past blogs.
  • Always show the benefits of Guest Posting Website owners. A few of the examples are “My product is favourite amongst 18 lac users.”, “7k users are searching for our services”,  “Last month, We sold 5600 Units of our product.” 
  • These kinds of suggestions in your email will draw the author’s attention and the author will have the curiosity to read your blog or know more about your product. This will make the author think about the visitors who might read these blogs and some of them might be the targeted audience of his website. 
  • This way you can negotiate with the Author and publish your blogs without any hassle.

Find Authors on Linkedin:

  • The majority of the writers and SEO analysts are active on professional networks like Linkedin.
  • You can search for some combination of keywords which include “Writer”, “Author”, “Guest Post”, “Blogging Website”, “Name of Website/ Business”.  Also, add location filter to USA. This will help you find some writers and you can connect with them. DON’T FORGET TO ADD A PERSONALISED CONNECTION NOTE.
  • Once they accept your requests, you can start communicating with them and share your thoughts on the products or services you are working on or discuss about your next articles.
  • Ask them to give their input and suggestions. 
  • Ask if they can publish your post on their websites or if they know anyone who might be working on a similar idea like you. 
  • You can also read some of his/ her blogs on their own website and give suggestions about their articles. Some examples are ;
    • Adding more information
    • Changing the stats (if they are changed)
    • Correcting the information (If something is wrong, show proof for the correction.)
    • Add new sections
    • Add reviews/ testimonials (If you have good authority in the respected industry then this works the best)
  • These are all the ways you can contact authors and submit your content to the quality guest post website. 

Keep an eye on the Competitor’s Website:

  • Every human in the world always wants to be a better version of their competitors. Many big organisations in the US are spending thousands of dollars to watch their competitor’s strategies and areas where they have step-in.
  • Being a Digital Marketer or SEO Analyst, you should always keep tracking the backlinks of your competitor. You can use SEO tools like “SEMrush”, “ahref” to track competitors’ backlinks.
  • You can pull out the data of all the backlinks and check the blogs from which they got the backlinks.
  • Your next step is to identify whether the blog is thoroughly written and published by your competitor’s team or whether they have shared a piece of content that the Author has utilised in his article.
  • Here, you can directly contact the author via email and win the trust of the author by explaining that you have some information that can be utilised in your article as well as you can write a new article that will help his/ her targeted audience.

How to identify the quality of a guest posting website in USA?

  • Take the help of the ahref tool to check the Domain Ratings of a particular website before submitting your article.
  • You can check the website and if you think the articles are well-published and the design is eye-catching then I would suggest you go with that website.
  • If the DR is low but the website is new with less number of articles then my suggestion is to go with them as the author might have created a website with the purpose of accepting a guest post that can be beneficial in the future.
  • Such websites can attract numerous traffic within a concise time period as blog publishing activities are frequent. Along with that, you can see great improvements in the website stats once they start publishing articles. 

Expert’s Insight in Finding & Identifying Guest Post Websites:

  • Personally, I used to target 2 types of websites. 1 with great SEO stats on SEO tools and other with fewer SEO stats (especially newcomers in the industry).
  • In the first target, authors/ editors do not revert back on a frequent basis and you have to wait for the long term to publish your content and generate a backlink. There is no guarantee of their reply and you cannot even publish your unique article on another website till they revert back. Ultimately, you can lose your content for several days and in some cases, the article gets old dated.
  • In the second target, you can always rely on the author as they want to create a new identity in the market. They will always look after your articles and revert back to the time. You can heavily negotiate with them for the do-follow backlinks. They can even offer links from their personal networks and you can leverage that option too. As long as the site gets older, your content’s authority will be increased as I have always seen that the website’s older content ranks higher than the newer one.
  • Also, the well-known website with all the strong stats will have many similar articles like yours already published on the website while the new website will have fewer chances of having a similar article. It’s always observed, if the website has 2 or more similar kinds of content then the older one ranks well on the SERP. That means you always have higher chances of ranking on SERP if you go with the new guest post website.

Wrapping up

All the above-shared information is a clear-cut analysis of more than 5 years of industry experience. I have given all the suggestions that worked for me and my clients. I hope this article has worked as a consultant for your queries and you have a better idea about how to find and identify a quality guest post websites in USA.


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