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Top Restaurant Management Software to Demonstrate your Productivity

Restaurant management software

There is no second thought on the BOOMING food industry across the world! You will find newly opened restaurants everywhere you go along with the new branch of the existing restaurants. Have you ever thought about what are the best restaurant management software that every restaurant owner should be aware of?

Everyone has heard about the food delivery management softwares and there are a lot of options available for this but what are the tools that is the best fit for the general need of all restaurants.

Let’s have a deeper look and find out how restaurant management tools can ease the life of managers and owners.

A quick look – What is Restaurant Management Software?

It is a complete software solution that helps restaurant owners to effectively manage all the processes at one place. There are various features that restaurant owners and managers can leverage by using these tools. Here are the 3 core features of the restaurant management software.

  • Restaurant Inventory Management: This feature enables restaurant staff to keep a close eye on all the inventories whether it is in-stock, out-stock or about to finish. Here they can check and estimate the average usage of each inventory by having a simple look at the dashboard.
  • Table Management: In this, restaurants can book table numbers and time of booking to seamlessly manage all the tables during rush hours.
  • Staff Management: This feature can be really helpful for the restaurants having more than 10 employees (Cook, Waiters, Managers, Sweepers and all). Here they can manage their timesheet, attendance, productivity and salary information.

There are a lot of other features that you can choose according to the requirements of your restaurant.

The Best Restaurant Management Software to Consider in 2023!

We are here to cater the needs of your restaurant. You can check out these top rated restaurant management systems that focus on the inventory, staff, table reservation and all other processes while you can focus on serving delicious food to your customers.


Petpooja is the most famous restaurant management tool used by small to medium sized restaurants. The most simple tool is loved by the restaurants in India and has a significant presence in the Indian market. The key value of using this tool is the ease of managing the process. A normal person can use this tool by getting simple training.

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Top Features of PetPooja:

  • Billing Software
  • Centralised Dashboard
  • Restaurant Inventory Management
  • CRM

There is no way to think of the pricing, support, innovation and simplicity of this restaurant system as all these things are taken care of by the developers very effectively.


If you are owning a food business then this tool is a single platform for all your needs. Whether you are having your own cafe, bar, restaurant, chain food stalls, cloud kitchen or dine-in; this tool can take care of end-to-end marketing and technology needs. The benefits include a dedicated account manager for your business, full customer support and all kind of integration support by the team of Limetray.

Lime Restaurant Management Software
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The Top Feature of Limetray are:

  • Inventory Management
  • Loyalty Program
  • Feedback System
  • Kitchen Display System
  • Table Reservation
  • Online Food Ordering System

Marg: Restaurant Software

Marg is made to reduce the time of the billing process! Marg directly deals with the problem of long-standing queues at restaurants. You can opt for this tool and streamline the process of billing and complete order management that eventually speeds up the process and reduces the waiting time for your customers.

Marg Restaurant Management Software
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The Core Features & Benefits of Marg:

  • Complete Order Management
  • Kitchen Order Tracking
  • Kitchen Display System
  • Billing Management
  • Inventory & Expiry Management
  • Loyalty & CRM Program
  • Table Creation & Transfer


Inresto is valet-to-valet, cost-effective, plug & play product suite that might be the one stop solution for restaurant management from anywhere. The inresto carries a client base of the leading restaurant & hospitality businesses. The owners of inresto aim to make all the restaurants profitable by using their product line. This product can cater a wide range of food businesses including fine dine, casual dining, bars & pubs, cafes & lounges, food courts, cloud kitchen, luxury dinings, etc.

inresto restaurant tool
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The main features of inresto are:

  • Restaurant POS
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Valet
  • Dinein
  • Loyalty Program
  • Feedback System
  • Marketing Solutions


The managers and owners of restaurants, hotels, and cafes can streamline their workflows and operations by using the digital restaurant POS system known as Digirestro. Owners and managers of restaurants may effortlessly manage all aspects of their business, including orders, reservations, inventory, cash flow, etc., with the help of this one point of sale system. This restaurant management software focuses more on strategic measures for the business’ overall profit!

Digiresto software
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The excellent feature of Digirestro are:

  • Tracking, Reporting & Analytics
  • User-friendly & Fast Interface
  • Order Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Live Support


The POSist restaurant technology platform enables operators to expand at a large scale, increase profitability, and provide a consistent customer experience. With automation, restaurants can increase their bottom line efficiency and concentrate on what really matters—serving delicious meals. You can accelerate your digital transformation with Posist.

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Main Features of Posist are:

  • Restaurant POS
  • Server Management
  • Online Ordering
  • Loyalty Management
  • Contactless Dining
  • CRM & Complete Analytics


The SlickPOS restaurant management system is easy to use and assists in keeping track of revenue and expenses. Multiple inventory locations can be created and managed with no additional fees. You can provide your clients with a digital receipt that serves as a channel for receiving private feedback. SlickPOS works  on a mobile device, tablet, or desktop for ongoing table orders, kitchen display systems, inventory management & feedback. 

SlickPOS Restaurant system
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The main features of SlickPOS are:

  • Quick Billing
  • Anywhere Access
  • Online Order Integrations
  • Table & Kitchen Order Management
  • Strong Feedback System
  • Dashboard & Reports

Wrapping up!

These are the top restaurant management softwares which are widely used among the restaurant industry. You can identify your requirements and choose any of the above-mentioned restaurant systems to grow your food business at a rapid pace or else contact IT firms for complete software solutions!


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