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Top HR Management Softwares for Seamless Workforce Management

Top 4 HR management software

Any company’s success depends on its employees. Hiring the best and managing them resourcefully is an intense task. Being an HR professional, you need to handle multiple tasks like recruitment and onboarding, payroll management, job training, etc. Sometimes, these tasks might get tedious and lead to errors.
Nowadays, several companies, regardless of their size, are relying upon the HR Management Software in India. Right from recruiting an employee to their onboarding, these top HR management softwares manage the entire lifecycle of every employee. Tailored HR software tools with streamlined workflow significantly transformed workforce management.

Have a look at the best HR Management softwares

1. Wallet HR: Manages Core HR functions by providing a smart platform

Wallet HR is most HR professionals’ go-to choice for handling core HR tasks. Its domain agnostic nature lets officials deploy the tools across any industry. Wallet HR comes with simple configurations with scope for necessary customizations.
This HR software is exceptionally dynamic and provides wider scope to the users. Moreover, Wallet HR provides employee dashboards and several other features to help your employees.

Wallet HR Software

Some significant features of Wallet HR software are:

  • Asset Management
  • HR and Payroll
  • Recruitment management
  • Attendance and performance
  • Assets and expense management

Wallet HR software tool is easily configurable and comprehensive. Apart from providing easy deployment and usage, this tool provides a phenomenal interface to handle complex business tasks. Wallet HR works the best for small, medium, and large-scale businesses alongside start-ups. The pricing varies based on your business requirements and chosen modules.

2. Darwin Box: an unified HR professional tool for every enterprise

Darwin Box presents a unique way of interacting between the workflow and technology for its effective management. It is an end-to-end tool that helps handle the entire lifecycle of an employee. Darwin Box is the present-day software with a focus on scalability and intuitive management. Their voice-bot Darwin presents a voice-first approach to simplify the tasks.

Drawinbox - HR Management Software

Some impactful features of the Darwin Box HR tool are:

  • Core HR management
  • Remote work management
  • Employee engagement
  • MIS and analytics
  • Mobile support and email integration

Darwin Box works on multiple platforms, including Android and iOS. Its recruitment suite is put together with comprehensive yet easy-to-use modules for hassle-free handling. Apart from the HR workflow, Darwin Box also provides helpdesk and mobile support features. The pricing depends on your business size and requirements. It works the best for small and mid-sized businesses.

3. Zimyo: presents a one-stop solution for all HR tasks

ZimyoHR is best HR software for managing the workforce seamlessly. With years of development and expertise, this HR tool is exceptional in handling end-to-end human resource management. Zimyo automates the entire HR process apart from providing SaaS-based solutions. Its modules cover every possible task involved in HR management and automate them for effective results.

Zimyo - HR software

Zimyo is renowned for providing the following key features:

  • Core HR system
  • Performance management system
  • Recruitment and onboarding
  • Expense and payroll management
  • Attendance and time management

Apart from these, Zimyo also provides excellent solutions to employee engagement. The discussion rooms, employee polls, and surveys, automated announcements, discussion rooms, etc., provide a platform to the employees too. Add-ons like report builder, helpdesk, configurable workflows, and several other features also come as a part of Zimyo.
Working the best for start-ups and SMEs, Zimyo’s basic packaging starts at INR 60 per employee per month. The payment options are flexible and you can choose from different packages from Zimyo as per your business requirements.

4. Beehive HRMS: provides a cloud-based suite for HR professionals

Beehive HRMS is another extensive HR tool to manage your workforce effectively. It is a cloud-based platform and is quite simple to use. This intuitive HR software hallmarks a user-friendly interface and eases every task for HR officials. Moreover, Beehive HRMS allows its users to configure the modules as per their company policies.
This HR software tool is pretty dynamic and is subject to constant updates as per market trends. It works for almost every organization, be it small, medium, or large.

Beehive HR tool

You can make use of the following significant benefits from Beehive HRMS:

  • Attendance and leave management
  • Performance and tasks management
  • Recruitment management
  • Online payroll
  • Offboarding/ exit management

Moreover, HR professionals get to access several other features like timesheets, travel, expenses, etc., in different modules. The helpdesk is another feature to ease every HR task. The basic package from Beehive HRMS is priced at INR 1 for an employee per day. There are different packages from Beehive HRMS with different modules based on your requirements.

How to choose the best HRMS tool for your business?

It’s quite obvious that you might get confused in choosing the right HR tools, owing to the plethora of options out there. So, here are some aspects you can use to choose the appropriate HR software easily. 

– Look for customisation in HR software

Several HR tasks are complicated and require a lot of process changes at times. In that case, fixed modules from HR software will waste both time and money. So, search for an HR tool that lets you customize the core modules as per your company policies.

– Prefer employee-service portals

Employee service portals let the employees update their details like daily schedules, tasks, etc., without their manager having to do it. This will save a lot of time for the HR professionals, allowing them to focus on other significant tasks. Some software tools also generate reports based on the data entered by the employees for the managers to keep track of them.

– Easy onboarding process in software

Several HR tools provide e-filing and verification options for employee onboarding. These modules save time and minimize the scope for manual errors. Moreover, automating such processes sets up a hassle-free way to complete the onboarding process.

– Check the scalability

Usually, the HR tools for workforce management are scalable. Their adaptability is significant for growing businesses in modern days. However, you also need to check the HR software’s adaptability to these changes and if there is an impact on its performance.

Wrapping Up!

These are some aspects that can help choose a feasible HR tool for managing your workforce efficiently. Apart from these, you can also consider pricing, usage requirements, existing customer reviews, add-ons, benefit modules, etc., for better handling of your workforce. However, remember that unnecessary modules from your software can complicate things for you, leading to much hassle. Best that you list out all your firm requirements and look out for the Best HR Management Software that matches them perfectly.


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